Engineer in Residence Plans during Corona Virus Shutdown

We know it is important that students have some closure on their projects even though we are dealing with a pesky virus. The Engineer in Residence Program has put several things in place to help students.

The Engineer in Residence Program has purchased a Zoom subscription so students can have a video conference with any of the EiR Staff.  Students will have to contact the EiR and agree upon a time and date.

Students projects will be assigned to EiR Staff who will then need to be contacted by the students to set up a mutually agreed upon time and date for a remote project review.

Students will present their projects to the EiR and engage in asnswering questions that demonstrate their learning and progress.

Students will then update their mid-semester report and send it to the EiR. Who will in turn read it and send it on to Olivera with comments.

Olivera will determine grades from the report content and the EiR's comments.

You can contact any Engineer in Residence by leaving a  message at [email protected]
You will get a response in 24 hours or less.

We will work through this interruption together. Above all else, stay well.